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Signs of Welcome – Address Placques for Every Need

I live on a street where just about every house is painted tan, beige, light brown, or some variation of these colors, which makes it very hard to distinguish one house from the next when I am giving directions to first-time visitors.  With curb addresses non-existent or not visible due to parked cards, the only way for someone to find my house is to look for the house number, which is very hard to do from the street.   This is a case where a house sign from would come in very handy. makes residential address plaques  that can make your home stand out.  Their personalized address plaques can be cute or professional looking or one of a variety of designs to suit your personality and purpose.  They also make custom address plaques  with your own insignia or logo.


So next time you are telling someone how to find your house, it will be much easier to describe, as the tan-beige-light-brown house with the unique plaque outside with the silhouette of the golden retriever on it and our family name.  It will not only be a cute way for people to tell apart your home, it can tell people before they come knocking what kind welcoming they will get, such as a wet nose in this case.