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Brokering Paradise — Real Estate in the Bahamas

My travel writing has taken me to many exciting destinations, but one I long to visit is the Bahamas.  I dream of one day owning a vacation property there, where I would go for extended periods to write, bask in the tropical sun on beautiful beaches, dive in the clear blue waters and experience the island’s legendary hospitality.  As someone who has never been to the islands, I would rely upon a Bahamas Real Estate professional to guide me, such as those at the Abaco Island Properties Bahamas. 


A knowledgeable, experienced, licensed broker who lives full time in Abaco and understands how to operate under the Bahamas laws is essential.  Make sure your agent gives you answers that you fully understand about banking, mortgages and legal questions.  Check out the options that are best for you, whether it is buying a home, condo, villa or land, or renting a vacation home, find an agent you trust to help you with making the right choice for you.


Your broker should be someone you can rely upon not just to help you with the transaction, but to inform you about island life, things to do, attractions and amenities in the areas you are interested in buying or leasing, so that you fully enjoy your piece of paradise.