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The Importance of Tax Preparer Certification


I did my own taxes this year, but it will be the last.  I was literally up until 4 am the night before they were due, and the stress and frustration level this year was too much for me.   Next year I will find someone to do my taxes for me, but finding the right, competent person can be a challenge. 

Someone I know went to the local major tax preparer service, and when she told me that he discounted the fact she was in a registered domestic partnership and did not even gather her partner’s SSN or taxable income, I knew she was in trouble.  Though I know very little about taxes, I knew more than the guy she hired. She contacted him and relayed what I told her about RDPs, and he admitted he would have to re-do her taxes and file an amendment.

This example is a lesson in hwo to choose a tax preparer.  You should check to see if your accountant has tax preparer certification from a reputable source.  Don’t just walk into any courner tax office and assume all the people working there are competent.  If the person cannot show that they are a Registered Tax Return Preparer, then look elsewhere.  Then you will be able to rest at night, and not stay up until 4 am.