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No Bullying, and Other Signs from

The other day I was standing in the customer service line at OSH, which incidentally just went back to its original name of Orchard Supply Hardware – a bizarre branding move as the acronym is much easier to remember, but I digress… so I am in line and a lady asks for a “Keep of the Grass” sign, and the rep tells her they don’t sell signs like that anymore. So I wondered where you get signs like that.
The answer is They have just about every imaginable sign, and as the name implies, many signs have to do with safety, such as the gruesome Moving Parts Hazard sign, which would effectively keep me away from any machine.

Aside from signs with safety themes and common road signs or house signs like No Trespassing, they also have signs such as my favorite No Bullying Zone, which should be up at every school nationwide, and Turn Cell Phones Off, which depicts one of those red circles with a cross bar over a handset icon. Personally, I’d like a sandwich board of the latter one, for when I’m in line at the grocery, the bank, or at a restaurant, and some loudmouth is going on about something really personal. I’ve always thought of saying, “Is that for me?” and when the person looks at me perplexed, I would say, “I didn’t think so.” But I’ve never been brave enough.

Besides the hundreds of pre-made signs, has a feature where you can make your own customized sign. They also carry hang tags and labels.