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I visited my son’s preschool class the other day, which seems to be a phenomena of the modern era, as moms of my mother’s generation were never welcome to just come and hang out and observe my pre-K class, just to see what my son and his buddies were up to from 9 am to 12:45 pm every day.  I loved that the kids could choose whatever activity they wished, and that dress up was for both boys and girls.  My son seems to be in a costume phase, which is something I feel is wonderful for developing imagination and creativity.

At home he now has an assortment of outfits, though one thing I’ve found is how hard it is to find great costumes.  During Halloween even, the places that specialize in kids costumes are always out of the popular ones.  Today I found, which had so many costumes I had to stop myself from buying out the store.

They carry the expected Disney themed costumes and standard princess, pirate and witch costumes, but they also have Funny Kids Costumes and Food Costumes for Kids and other unusual categories.  They even have superhero costumes for dogs.  If you’re into adult costumes, they have plenty of those for adults too, though personally if I see another sexy Bo Peep at a party I’m going to give the girl a hook, but then again, the Charlie Sheen celebrity costume was pretty funny.