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Finding Footed Pajamas — Becomes My New Fave Comparison Site

I have been searching for footed pajamas for my son for weeks. He ‘s four years old, and it seems that 3T is the cut off for most brands that make PJs with feet, so finding ones that fit, and that are cute, has become a mission for me. Then I discovered a great site,, a comparison shopping site that has a huge variety – 5 pages worth – of footie PJs and tons of other stuff I shop for online.
The homepage had a teaser for “Beach Photo Frames,” in its Top Find Deals, and I thought, well, that’s a random category. How many Beach Photo Frames could there be? I clicked to find out, and there were four pages of them, from .63 cents to $320.

You can also find things like a 50 inch linen cherry cabinet, a 12w” x 72h linen closet  or a 12″ linen closet .

Once you find what you are looking for, you can sort by characteristics such as color, brand, store and rating. I checked out a few reviews, which seemed genuine and candid. You can also get all the specs, photos and even videos about items to help you make an informed purchase. You can hit the “Research” button to get even more information from across the web.

I do love the convenience of shopping online, but I always wonder if I’m getting the best deal, so with I feel confident that I am getting the best price from a trusted online retailer.