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Graduate to a New Lease on Life — in Scotland, with

Recent job figures show that the US economy is far from recovered, and many recent college graduates are feeling discouraged about job prospects.  Some will consider going back to school to get an advanced degree – to wait out the Great Recession, but for those who value real-world experience, now is the time to travel and live abroad.  After college graduation is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a transitional time in one’s life before entering a career path that could mean years without an extended vacation to pursue travel. 

The experience of living in another country and learning about another culture can be invaluable to a young person, creating life lessons and memories to last a lifetime.  One desirable destination for American expats is Scotland.  Particularly there are many wonderful cities that attract international immigrants, such as the metropolitan center of Glasgow, historic and modern Edinburgh and the commercial, cultural and academic mecca of Aberdeen, also known for its many beautiful parks and gardens.  If one is seeking Flats to rent in Glasgow, Flats to rent in Edinburgh or Flats to rent in Aberdeen, is an invaluable online resource for connecting one to flats of every variety and to suit every budget, with photos and descriptions of each property.  For those who are headed for post-graduate adventure, best of luck, and enjoy and cherish this time.  Take a chance and go somewhere different.  You won’t regret it.