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Cruising the Galapagos

If I were to tell you that your vacation accommodations would include a spacious suite with a balcony and amenities such as a piano bar, library, recreation room, hot tub, boutique, solarium, massage studio and gourmet dining, along with nature walks and beach activities, you would likely envision a five-star island resort, but all of the above is what guest find aboard the M/V Galapagos Explorer II, a luxury cruise boat that takes visitors to some of the most beautiful Galapagos Island destinations.  More than 60 islets comprise the Galapagos, which are located in the Pacific Ocean 600 miles off the western coast of South America.

The Galapagos Cruise Ship features guided excursions that showcase the wildlife and terrain of one of the world’s most beautiful and verdant natural wonders.  If you have not traveled by cruise ship before, you are up for a unique experience where nearly all of your vacation expenses are included, excluding airfare.  Your onboard meals, all of island visits and the lectures and guided tours led by the Explorer II staff as well as transportation by land and your luggage transportation on the island and to and from the airports and the ship are covered.  The Explorer II, which first came ashore in the Galapagos in 1998, has brought thousands of visitors, explorers and scientists, to explore and appreciate this extraordinary destination which is home to many of the most diverse and rarest varieties of plants and animals on Earth.