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How a Home Energy Audit Can Save Money

Already this summer we have had to turn on the window air conditioners and portable AC units in our house.  Back in the 20s and 30s when the homes on my block were built, central air conditioning was not a consideration; plus, being in Los Angeles, many home owners forgo AC in general because it usually only gets really hot a few weeks out of the year.  But, due to global warming or whatever cause, it’s been downright smothering in LA the last few summers, and we’ve had our AC on pretty steadily, which is a huge energy cost for our household.  With our high energy bills, we really could use a home energy audit.

In such an audit, residential energy auditors inspect a property inside and out to determine where there are leaks and unnecessary energy consumption.  They conduct a thorough interview with the home owner and examine usage patterns. 

Based on the assessment, the auditors may recommend home insulation contractors to make any number of adjustments to your home to help conserve energy and correct problems.  Many of these fixes can be minor, or they may involve more major improvements.  The auditors help identify the priorities and can even guide you to financing if needed.

Energy conservation and efficient use of energy not only will make you more comfortable in your home but in the long run will save money, which in today’s economy is certainly a major consideration for every home owner.