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Whirly Pop Shop – A Popcorn Lovers Dream

whovilleDiscovery of the month:!  Our family LOVES popcorn, and we always are looking for ways to one-up our latest batch.  The Whirly Pop Shop has 11 varieties of popcorn and plenty of seasonings – from Movie Theatre Style and White Cheddar to Sweet Caramel and Buttery Jalapeno, and Kettle Corn toppings — to change up your popcorn treat.

WhirlyPop also carries their signature popper, the Whirly Pop Original — a hand-cranked, stove-top popper, in red or stainless steel — that makes pooping popcorn fun.

For the gourmet popper, they have premium oils — even organic green tea oil.  Of course, they also have salts – from finely graded sea salt to theatre popcorn salt made to stick to every kernel.  For real aficionados, they have special seasoning shakers, canisters and red and white stripped popcorn tubs in several sizes.

For the holidays, they have an assortment of stocking stuffers, gift basket and packages, including my favorite, the Who-Ville Be Making Popcorn Gift Set ($39.99) that features the Whirly Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper, Gourmet Popcorn, Secret Buttery Salt, and special popcorn popping oil plus the less-salt-and-butter version of the aforementioned kit, a Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn All-Inclusive Popping Kit and a large red and white striped popcorn serving bucket.  Each bucket also features a removable kernel separator that drops the unpopped kernels into the bottom of the bucket where they don’t interfere with your popcorn enjoyment!  The Who-Ville set also includes individually sized red and white striped buckets that feature the same removable kernel separator as the large serving bucket.  For the topper, there’s a Christmas Candy Corn Cupcake, made from 100% candy corn and topped with a cherry gumball.  The ultimate holiday-themed gift for the popcorn lover on your list!