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Home Sweet Garage


I guess I inherited my love of organizing the garage from my father.  I spend entire days – I mean truly eight hours or more – putting up cabinets, shelves, racks and hooks, and figuring out how to store and stash away all my gardening supplies and tools, sports equipment and bikes, hardware, toys, suitcases and all those original boxes and packing material that I keep just in case I need them when I move one day.

I feel like a gladiator when I finally conquer the mess and tame it into neat, organized compartments.  In the past I would go to local big box hardware stores to get my storage supplies, but imagine my delight in discovering, a one-stop shop of every imaginable cabinet, container, device and storage system — and even flooring and lighting — for the garage.

The gladiator garageworks site is a handyman (or handywoman’s) dream come true.  Just in time for the holidays – and my New Year’s resolution to get the garage in ship-shape, they are having a huge sale.  I don’t know if my garage will ever look like the pristine showrooms on the site, but I can see the potential when I look at all of their storage ideas.

In addition to the storage systems, they also have an enormous selection of workbenches, tool chests, trash bins and just about anything and everything you can think of that would be handy in the garage.

Ok, since I got the organizing gene from my Dad, then I owe it to him to get him a holiday gift from this site that he will absolutely appreciate, if I can just decide what one thing to get him!