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Tile for All Time

For some reason when my 80-something duplex was remodeled around the 90s, the owners at the time decided to replace the wood flooring in the kitchen with vinyl faux wood.   Not only does it look pretty horrible and not authentic to just about any eye, it is peeling up and is a constant eye-sore and tripping hazard.  Thank goodness the owners had the good sense to keep the original tile work in the kitchen walls and bath, as tile endures functionally as much as it does stylishly.


I am already contemplating my next home remodel, where I will use glass tiles as backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom. is a site with a huge selection of glass tile and natural stone tile. The assortment of styles of tiles, colors and textures is amazing.  Whether you want a contemporary or traditional look, they have tiles for every palate.  Many of the styles mix stone and glass, and they feature finishes that are iridescent or matte, or even crystal, beaded or metallic, so that you can create depth and luminescence or an opulent or earthy finish – whatever suits your taste.

glasstiles colors

The tiles are counted on a mesh backing so that you can install them easily, and since the color is on the back side of the tiles the color cannot scratch or chip off.  The site carries all of the supplies you need if you plan to DIY, and they also have accessories like borders, liners and decos if you want to get fancy.


I already know tile will be my choice for my next kitchen and bath, but the hard part will be choosing from all the incredible designs available.  I want them al!