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Looking Good Down on the Farm with G&L Clothing

My 11-year-old fourth cousin who lives in Virginia loves John Deere, hunting and playing on the farm where his grandparents live. Every holiday or birthday I am stumped trying to figure out what to give him, but now that I have found G&L Clothing I will have an endless selection of clothing he will love to live in.


It is a new discovery for me, but G&L has been around in its home state of Iowa since 1917.  It has built a following among working people as the go-to place to get durable, comfortable and Flame Resistant Clothing.  Now that the retailer has expanded its business online, people from all walks of life are finding it.  While many of their brands – like Dickies, Carhartt, Levi’s and Wrangler are known for being hard-wearing clothes, they are also valued by everyone who wants good quality sturdy clothes for everyday and casual wear.

The store is also known for its wide ranges of sizes, from small (26-inch waist) to extra-large (80-inch waist) and 10XL and 5XL tall sizes; and for its huge variety of work booths and shoes, including steel-toe safety shoes/boots and hi-tech footwear for the farm or hiking.

For kids they carry a number of novelty items, like camo diaper covers and plenty of over-alls/bids and “Iowa-style” rompers and onesies branded with sayings like, “I (Heart) My Tractor.”

And for women, who knew Dickies had so many cute vests and shirts?

I already know where I will be getting my next gift for my cousin, and maybe I will get me a “Farm Girl and Living It” hoodie for myself!