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The Look – A Fine, Tailored Suit for Men

An old roommate of mine worked at a men’s clothing store, and she first educated me about the difference between an off-the-rack men’s suit and a custom-made suit. She introduced me to the concept of a man “dressing to the left or right.” Now I spot quality custom made suits by their fit whenever I see one, and unfortunately I can also tell those that are basically sold “one size fits all.”

A truly custom fit suit can be made to order with your choice of luxurious fabrics, and a skilled tailor will give you a personal fitting. Voted one of the top five men’s clothiers in New York, LS Mens Clothing is exemplary of the type of service and craftsmanship that you should expect from a fine tailor to get a suit that stands out from the rest. While you would expect this type of high-end personalized service and quality workmanship to cost much more, their prices for a made-to-measure suit are between $645 and $1,295.

A skilled tailor will take around 20 measurements to create a suit that fits to your form in a way that accentuates your best attributes and wears comfortably. My former boss used to get his suits from an el cheapo men’s story in New Jersey, and it was clear he got what he paid for – he always looked like a jerk. Ok, maybe it was his awful, abusive demeanor that made him look even worse, but in any case a decent suit can go a long way in making a man look like he cares about his appearance.