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Give That Man a Digital Photo Frame on Father’s Day

Get Dad in the Picture with a Hi-Tech CEIVA Connected Photo Frame

Back in the day when dads had the corner on technology, usually it was Mom and kids pictured in all the family photos, as Dad was the one behind the camera.  What a shame so many “family” pictures were missing a central figure, but with today’s modern technology Dad won’t be left out, and not just because of the invention of easy-to-use tripods and camera self-timers.  Digital photo frames are also a great way to showcase Dad’s best photography, and to keep him engaged with kids when it comes to digital photo sharing.

One cutting-edge digital photo frame that combines technology and photo sharing is CEIVA Connected Photo Frame (  The CEIVA frame allows subscribers to its service to upload photos from anywhere using a computer, smart phone, Facebook and photo sites like Shutterfly and Flickr.

Once sent to the frame, the photos are downloaded with a push of a button on the frame and automatically displayed.  The frame can received new photos via Wi-Fi or a traditional phone line.  Even if Dad is away from home, he can take his frame with him to see new photos uploaded by family and friends, or he can send to a photo frame at home.  A CEIVA subscription includes an unlimited photo storage account, so the photos that can be showcased are limitless.  

Photo customization tools also allow users to add a message to Dad, and a card gallery features a selection of greeting cards for Father’s Day and other occasions.  The frame also features free CEIVA Channels that dads love, like Local Weather, ESPN Sports Scores, Mashable, Calendar and New York Times. The frame can also be programmed with a digital calendar with all of Dad’s favorite family photos and countdown to his special day with the Countdown Channel.

The CEIVA frame comes with a one-year PicturePlan photo delivery service and a PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty.  A smart buy that even Dad would approve.