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It’s Easy to Be Green, and Certified

It’s hard to know what to trust in the “green” world.  Healthy skepticism  is, well, healthy in this case.  Rather than try to discern what is truly certified green, it’s better to rely on a trusted resource in the industry.  When it comes to greening your home, you can attempt to do it yourself with online resources, or you can get the advice of a bpi certified Building Analyst.  Did you know there’s a new league of green workers, sometimes referred to as green collar workers, who can analyze your home and tell you where you are losing and wasting energy?  Did you know that with an intensive course offered by BPI you can become a bpi building analyst

There’s a growing demand for these specialists who are trained to find and advise on energy saving methods for your home.  In fact, many incentive programs require an inspection from a trained, certified expert who can qualify you for discounts or assistance.  So this is a career filed that is likely to continue to grow as our society becomes more aware of the value of greening our homes and as our faltering economy encourages more people to seek ways to save energy and money and more people seek careers in fields that have a future growth potential.