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Hooked on Nurse Jackie, and Other Reasons to Get Direct TV

Lately I have been renting a lot of movies on DVD from the library.  Beverly Hills Library and the new West Hollywood Library both carry a huge selection of recent TV shows and movies, on DVD and Blu-Ray, for kids and adults.  I have a suspicion that the networks and studios donate these releases to the library, because they are often on the library shelves the same day they go on sale.  The question is why.  I wondered how the networks benefit by giving away their content for free in libraries; but now I know.  They are simply whetting our appetite for more. 


For example, now that I have finally seen all of the Mad Men, Damages, Nurse Jackie, Homeland and Weeds series on DVD, I am dying to watch the new seasons, and I don’t want to wait for them to come out on DVD.  The only solution is to subscribe to direct tv.   


My parents get dx3, and when I visit it is almost overwhelming because they have so many channels.  Ironically, my parents basically watch the three or four broadcast networks that they could get with a basic package, but they seem to like to have the option of seeing HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax if they get a hankering for more than Desperate Housewives.


For those who are watching their pennies like me, directtv has many package options, so you can choose what suits your household best and pay from $29.99 to $49.99 and month, depending on your selection.


While I love the library, and you can’t beat the price of zero dollars for a two-week rental (unless you are late returning DVDs, which can run about .50 cents a day in fines), you won’t be able to keep up at the water cooler when everyone is discussing the latest shows.  Maybe it’s time to get hooked up.