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Tuck Aways: An Organizer and Protector for Every Bag


Brown bag, or black bag.  That is the question.  On days when I am running late, it is not my outfit that decides, but the bag currently full of my stuff.  Whether it matches what I am wearing or not, I often end up carrying the bag that I carried the day before, and the day before, because it is too much of a hassle to switch bags.  No more.  With the Tuck Aways bag liner I can quickly swap out the interior of my bag and all its contents and place it in another bag, without worry that something I need will be left behind in the bottom of my other bag.  The Tuck Away has a silky satin inner compartment with six pockets and two easy-access outer pockets.  The stiff exterior has reinforced front and back water-resistant Polyvinyl panels to prevent slouching.  The shape conforms to most bag shapes, though the designers didn’t consider my favorite monster bag nicked named “the black hole,” as the Tuck Away could be another couple inches wide and long to fill it and hold all of its contents.  The bag-within-a-bag comes in midnight black, chocolate, gold nouveau, sterling silver, robin’s egg and sorbet pink; and it comes in two sizes Med- 9″L x 6″H x 4.5″W and Large- 11″L x 6″H x 4.5″W. Perhaps soon they will make XL size, or XXL for galactic-sized bags like mine. $28, available at