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Training Puppies the Modern Way

ImageIndoor puppies must be house trained so they understand it is not okay to eliminate inside the home. Although house training is a relatively simple process, pet owners must train their puppies in a positive and consistent manner. Without these considerations, puppies will get incomplete house training and may aaccidentally soil indoor locations. 

Pet owners must concentrate on two main areas of house training. First, they must prevent indoor accidents by confining and supervising their puppies. Second, they must take their pets outside on a frequent and regular basis. Effective house training rewards puppies with praise or treats when they eliminate in the right place. Punishment can scare pets and hinder the house training process.

Although pet owners can house train their puppies without any special devices, certain systems make the job a little easier. Modern Puppies, for example, is an online store for house training devices and supplies. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA), a patent-pending house training system for puppies, is one of its top sellers.

The PTPA system includes a potty training crate, also called an “indoor doggie bathroom,” as well as an instructional DVD. It covers three levels of house training and includes customer service seven days a week. While it is not the only way to house train puppies, it gets the job done quicker and easier than other potty training systems.