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Say Cheesecake

Tired of cupcakes?  Ok, they were all the rage with cupcake bake shops popping up on every corner, yet while the cupcake fad is cooling, the classic cheesecake remains tastefully in style.  You can’t go wrong with cheesecake.  It’s the dessert du jour, everyday.  It’s the perfect dish to bring to any party, and the perfect gift for any occasion – from birthdays to football parties.  Cheesecake is a complementary dessert for just about any meal, and cheesecake can be paired with a fine dessert wine for an elegant occasions.


With dozens of varieties, there is a cheesecake for every taste, from the good ‘ol standard cherry cheesecake to exotic amaretto cheesecake.   

So next party or potluck or holiday gathering, bring the sweet treat that makes everyone smile, cheesecake!