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Projector lights make holiday decorating easy

A variety of inserts make it fun to change up images for many occasions

If you’re one of those people who hates taking down and putting up holiday decorations, the

Oxyled Led Projector Light with 12 Lighting Modes, may be just the solution for you.


This tiny unit projects colorful images on your home or other facade for a fun and easy way to decorate without a lot of fuss. It features changeable inserts for just about every occasion, allowing you to project a variety of occasion-appropriate images year-round.


By switching out the inserts, you can change up the effect, from Christmas trees and snowflakes for the winter holidays to shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day or jack-o’-lanterns and goblins for Halloween.



Similar to solar patio lights, the projector can be installed on the lawn using a spike-like attachment that goes into the ground. Depending on the desired effect, the projector can be placed closer or farther away from a home or whatever surface you want to project onto. As we have a very high-pitched roof and a lot of surface area above our front door, we used a 20 foot extension cord to place the unit in the middle of the front yard, which meant the images were rather large, but still they were discernible. The unit features an on off button, though we used a smart home switch so that we could program the lights to come on at dark.


One great thing about this device is that it features a variety of images on each insert, so the projector creates a constantly changing, dynamic effect rather than a boring, static effect. Kids in our neighborhood liked to watch the different images go by and then to choose a particular image they liked best that they could wait for, so when it illuminated they would cheer.


Our whole family had fun with this projector unit, and because it is so easy to use and install, we can leave it out in between holidays, or we can easily pull it out of the ground and store it in a shoebox-size container for the next time we want to use it. While we have not put it to the test of extremely foul weather, it did make it through freezing temperatures, rain and even some snow without any malfunctions.



So far the only problem we’ve had with this device is deciding which insert to use, and part of the fun is that there are so many different inserts we can choose a different one every few weeks to mix it up and keep it fresh.