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Pots and Pans Make the Kitchen: The Beauty of German Designed Silit Cookware


In LA where what you drive is who you are, get your status on in the kitchen by revving up your stove top with German engineering.  The Silit cookware collection, made in Germany, will not only cook your food to perfection but will impress your dinner guests.  Stylish in brilliant colors like lemon green and wild orange, these pots and pans can stand the heat in the kitchen, even in a convection oven, to make a bold statement about your taste for the good life.


In a town where thin is in and green is the new black, Silit’s design is perfect for cooking healthy meals in eco-friendly and energy-saving Silargan, a patented ultra-durable material that is anti-bacterial and nickel-free. 


Welding the 9.5-inch Fry Pan ($100) you will really feel like you are cooking.  The solid, weighty pan features the collection’s signature dark interior lining, designed for even heating and frying at high temperatures or gently simmering as heat is conducted quickly from the bottom to the rim where it stays hot, saving energy.  If size matters, try out the Two-Handled Fry Pan ($150.00)


Adorable as it is functional, the lidded High Casserole dish, part of the MiniMax set ($295.00) will charm your table and then store your leftovers.  This little pot is perfect for small portions and makes a colorful highlight as a serving dish.


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