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Original Content: What PR is All About

ImageI learned a new term recently — another meaning for “PR,” which my entire professonal life has meant “public relations,” the career in which I have made my livelihood, but as of a few months ago I learned it refers to “page rank.”  I learned this because my blog’s PR had fallen, as a result of my accepting paid placements in my blog, in order to make a bit of grocery money.

Little did I know that the spiders were crawling my site and determining that my links to green carpeting companies, tour ships in the Galapagos and flats in Scotland were irrelevant to my mommy blog.  They got me.  Now, the irony, I have lost value to those very same companies that wanted me to post those links to thier sites.

The remedy to this bad PR is more original content.  So here goes.  I will try to be more dedicated to putting up at least a few random thoughts and musings on a more regular basis.  For my audience of dozens, please stay tuned!