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International Family Equality Day Goes ‘Round the World

International Family Equality Day continues to grow each year as LGBT families celebrate as a global community. The second annual International Family Equality Day was celebrated on May 5, 2013. Community events were held in more than 40 cities around the world, including cities in the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia.


More than 70 partner organizations and more than 1000 individuals participated in IFED 2013.

In Los Angeles, families gathered at several iconic locations in the US including under the Hollywood sign at Lake Hollywood park in LA.  A special guest speaker, Dr. Ash Beckham, spoke about what family means to her and how she has stepped into her role as a dedicated advocate for equality.  Ash’s talk was live streamed so families around the world could watch it.   Check out this link to the video.

 The next IFED will be May 4, 2014.