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Green Carpet Cleaning for a Good Feeling Underfoot


I recently had a few area rugs cleaned, and wow was I surprised when the cost was more than the value of the rugs!  If I had done my research, I would have found there are companies such as that actually give no-obligation estimates, in your home.  This carpet cleaning company manhattan uses only all-natural green cleaning techniques and solutions, unlike other companies that use fume-emitting and potentially toxic chemicals, which can be dangerous to humans and animals. 

The use of non-toxic products to clean carpets, rugs, leather, upholstery, mattresses and other items in your home that come into close contact with you and your family is especially important when you have children and pets. In homes where ventilation is limited, such as in a city home where you are not able to have your windows open, the build-up of fumes can irritate allergies or even cause health problems.  Enzyme-based products that naturally remove pollutants and debris are far superior to harsh chemicals that leave a residue on your carpets, furnishings, etc.,

Sometimes consumers believe natural and organic cleaning is inferior to traditional cleaning, but testimonials from customers attest to the fact that their carpets were expertly cleaned and restored with stains and soiled areas looking like new.  Next time I need cleaning, I certainly will go the natural route.