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Give Mom a Nudge for Better Health for Mother's Day

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This Mother’s Day, give mom something that no money can buy— health, love and support. Moms looking to lead a healthier lifestyle in a fun, easy and interactive way are flocking to Nudge, the mobile health app that creates a rewarding way to log in and record lifestyle activities in order to work towards health goals.


The mobile app features a game-like interface that has it all: diet, nutrition, fitness and community support.  Nudge also syncs data with the most popular health apps and wearables into one easy-to-use dashboard. Nudge is the first app to synch health apps including Moves, FitBit, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness and Strava as well as fitness trackers like Up by Jawbone, all in one.

Nudge is the perfect gift for moms on the run, as they no longer have to waste time by logging into different health apps and recording their health habits. It provides a platform that incorporates all of these health apps in one place and therefore saves time and space by creating an easy, effective and organized way for moms to lead a healthier lifestyle. The engaging mobile app will provide moms with the invaluable gifts of support, time and most importantly, health.