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Flats for Expats – Offers Options Across UK


Ever dreamed of being an expat and living in the UK for an extended period, or forever?  My two months in Europe right out of college gave me a taste of many cultures and ways of life that remain an important part of my consciousness as an adult.  I am glad I had the opportunity, and the resources, to make it happen. 

Fortunately for me, most of my accommodations were arranged by others who knew their way around, but now there is a great way to find a flat, or a roommate, with guidance from resident experts at

There are flats for every taste and need.  If you wish to reside in Scotland’s northeast coast in the “Granite City,” there are Flats to rent in Aberdeen, named for its granite buildings; or if you prefer the cultured and cosmopolitan city, there are Flats to rent in Edinburgh, the historic and striking showcase capital of Scotland; or the country’s overhauled, rejuvenated former industrial city, there are Flats to rent in Glasgow, on the banks of the mighty River Clyde, host of the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

With more than 90,000 flatshare, rooms to rent, or flatmates, all with full detailed property profiles, you can find whatever type of housing that suits you.   You can search by maps or amenities, and besides free uploads of new properties as they come on the market, you can also get great deals on contents insurance policies.  The customer services is also very willing to help to make your search experience a positive one.