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Finding a Quality Marriage Counselor

Every week we hear about a different celebrity couple calling it off.  In our personal lives we hear the same thing.  Marriages and relationships breaking up, sometimes after many years.  The first thing that friends and relatives say to couples is, “Did you try counseling?” But the challenge can be finding a quality counselor who is right for you.

Many therapists have their own websites that explain their approach to counseling, such as the site for Authentic You, the site for Katie Swartz, a Bellevue counselor in Washington who offers a description of her services and underlying philosophy on how relationships can be made better. 

Taking away the fear of what counseling is and what you can accomplish through counseling is half the battle for couples and individuals seeking help.  Also, understanding that your relationship affects those around you, as this Bellevue marriage counselor explains, can encourage couples to try to improve their relationship for the sake of themselves and their loved ones, especially children.

For more information, go to her site, or contact:

Authentic-You Katie Swartz
2025 112th Ave NE, Suite 300
Bellevue, WA 98004-2943
(206) 794-2717