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Bathroom Remodeling at my Houzz

Our old Spanish style duplex has an old ceramic tile design that these days many bathroom remodeling contractors are trying to replicate.  It’s a beautiful, classic style, so I want to keep the integrity of the original work, but my bathroom needs an update.  So I went to Houzz for some great ideas on bathroom remodeling.

A feature of the site that I really like is that there are a variety of contributors, from top designers to everyday homeowners who share their expertise, ideas and photos.  You can create an ideabook with bookmarked submissions and even ask questions of the designers.

In the past I used to buy home design and décor magazines and search through them for images to clip, but at Houzz you can click to add an endless array of designs to your ideabook to thumb through and pick out the best ones for you.  You can browse by style, from contemporary to eclectic, and by space.

My favorite feature is using the computer mouse to hover over an item to get information such as the designer, where to buy and cost.  Of course I gravitate to the most expensive items, such as a $672 light fixture in the bathroom remodeling section; there are lots of affordable options as well.