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The Bus Selling Bus-iness

2103-1940GeneralMotorsFuturliner-1One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and that’s what makes the craigslist classifieds go ‘round.  So about five years ago when my friend needed to sell her VW bus, I should not have doubted the interest she would get when she posted her ad, Bus for sale.

Among the most interesting calls she got was from a collector from Japan who wanted to buy the bus and ship it to Japan to refurbish it and resell it at a very considerable profit.   Being a VW purist, she declined the offer and instead sold the bus to a modern hippie chick from Ohio who actually wanted to drive the bus herself.  The young woman was temporarily living in LA right down the street from my friend, and she saw the “for sale” sign in the window.  Even after the sale, my friend and I saw the bus parked on the street in front of the woman’s apartment for many months.  It was always clean and shiny and clearly well taken care of.  It was like seeing your dog you couldn’t keep adopted by a loving family.

Not that every bus has such sentimental value, but if you are in the market, there is actually a website dedicated to buying and selling buses,, so no matter if you want it to start a small shuttle company or trick out a tour bus for your band, you can find it there.