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Maintaining Electrolux Appliances for High Performance

Once you have Electrolux appliances, you know you have arrived.  The choice of designers and discriminating homeowners, Electrolux appliances are beautiful in their esthetics and functionality.  Once you have them, like with an elegant luxury car, you must maintain them with quality care; and the only place to get original elextrolux spare parts and accessories for your Electrolux is from the source.

The Electrolux appliance accessories division provides everything from surface cleaners and filters to appliance light bulbs and trash compactor bags.  These products were designed for Electrolux by Electrolux, so they are precise, compatible and long-lasting.

An investment in a high-end appliance is worth the price throughout the life of the product.  A well-made appliance will be reliable and efficient, and if maintained properly it will endure for many years.  Like a Mercedes that surpasses 1 million miles, an appliance can operate long beyond its expected lifespan if treated with care.  For an appliance, this means regular changing of filters and proper cleaning.  Quality appliances are built to withstand regular wear, but abrasive cleaners can reduce the lifespan and affect the appearance of your products.  Only specially formulated cleaners should be used on induction cooktops, stainless exterior appliances and other high quality surfaces, and regular filter changes to maintain clean operation of over-cooktop exhaust fans  is necessary to keep the chimneys free of debris that can clog motors and their reduce functioning capacity.

To find genuine Electrolux parts and accessories for Electrolux appliances, owners can go to the Electrolux online store at